Are you looking for that shining diamond to join your team? With the unemployment numbers in Michigan at an all-time low, you may have a difficult time finding a diamond, but what you may find is a diamond in the rough. And with some investment on your part, that diamond in the rough may be shining in no time.

Skilled to Build Michigan Foundation has been networking across the state making connections to help you find that future employee. On a monthly basis we survey employers to see what opportunities they have available. With our partners at Pro Build, we post our “I’m Hiring” directory on our website and email it to our connections around the state who are in contact daily with individuals looking to build a career in residential construction.

We will email you resumes, based on who you are willing to hire. We suggest you also check out some of these locations to find future employees.

Career Technical Education Students

It may be time for you to go back to school. Instructors in the construction trades programs will be able to help you find the student who is motivated, trained, talented and ready to work.

Here is a link to the CTE programs offered around the state of Michigan. If you have a CTE program in your area that offers construction trades, we encourage you to visit and get involved with the program.


Returning veterans can be immediate boots on the ground to fill the 2,412 jobs available as of December, 2016 in the 17 trades we track. Skilled to Build Michigan has built connections with those who are helping to employ our veterans. They have the skills you are looking for. They show up on time, can make decisions, and know how to manage time – and that is just for starters.

Many veterans receive training while serving our country that fit nicely with our industry. Skilled to Build Michigan has created a guidebook specifically for veterans. The guidebook is broken down by Military Occupational Codes by military branch.

If you are interested in hiring a veteran, we have information that lists out resources, and the benefits of hiring a veteran:

List of Offices for Veterans Assistance (by County)
Veteran Employment in Michigan
Veterans Work Study Information